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3 Angels Children & Family Services is committed to provide each and every child placed in our care a sense of safety, stability, and family belonging.  We strive to cultivate within each child a recognition as a valued member of society.  We will endeavor to accomplish this by providing each child with stability, family based developmental opportunities, and connections to community resources that will build the foundation for self-worth to last a lifetime.


The mission of 3 Angels Children & Family Services is to provide surrounding communities with quality services for at risk and underprivileged Children and families, from birth to 18 years of age. 3 Angels Children & Family Services will serve Children with emotional, behavioral, medical, and educational requirements who are referred from the Department of Children and Family Services, Child Protective Services, the Department of Mental Health, the Juvenile Courts, Probation Departments, and Regional Centers. 3 Angels Children & Family Services extends every effort to assure that quality care is delivered to the Children in placement by recruiting, screening, and training Certified Foster Parents and staff who are committed to the agency's mission.


Particular attention will be given to matching the Child culturally and ethnically with a family that can best meet their needs based on the placement agency's requirements. Furthermore, in order to support Children and their families, 3 Angels Children & Family Services will make every effort to successfully re-unify Children with their families and/or to transition each client in foster care to guardianship, adoption, or emancipation.























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